Sunday, August 1, 2010

SOMEBODY likes to model...

Hello Greta's little subjects.

Haha I just found this cute. The horse has the same look as the model doesn't he/she? That "omg I'm sexy now take the picture" look. And I love the model's top. Very cute :)

This is Greta's dream job. Especially if she modeled for Polo. She was a polo horse before I got her, afterall.

As for riding, I did not ride Grta nor did I ride Odin today. The humidity and heat was so bad that the horses were visibly sweating in their stalls with their fans on, and they were just standing. With that high of humidity, sweat does not cool like it's supposed to. The horse just keeps sweating and sweating and nothing happens. Yeah, no riding.

But I did ride Greta yesterday and got an AMAZING canter out of her. Her trot has been lovely as usual, as with the walk, but I went ahead and just cantered a circle just to stay fresh. She would have the first few strides of her canter be lazy and on the forehand like she likes to do, but I kept my contact consistent and suddenly she lifted her poll, softened it, and was just in front of the vertical. I could only catch a glimpse in the mirror as we went by, so unfortunately I could not see whether her back was round or not, but her legs looked like they were reaching under her nicely. Really, it was just the nicest canter I've ever gotten out of her. MY PLAN IS WORKING!

Greta has been in kind of a witchy mare mood lately, but a good grooming and face rub usually brings her back to her relaxed, droopy lip self. She's not mean, except to other horses which is quite usual, she's just a bit uninterested. But she's in heat and she's probably feeling a bit under, just like all us girls can! She still has quite a bit of her usual self shining through, she's just having one of those weeks. We're all allowed to have them. Plus the weather has just been miserable lately. We're supposed to spike into the 100s this week. But it's August, and this is always the weather when August rolls around. Yuck.

Oh well, it's MUCH better than last year, with over 130 days straight of 100+ heat. So you folks on the East Coast, QUIT COMPLAINING! Well, you guys aren't quite prepared for it, so I'll give you a break. Just be aware of the weather we're so used to. You can get back at us by making fun of us at wintertime, with our army of sand and snowplows for when we have the occasional flurry of snow that melts as soon as it hits the ground. God help us Texans if we had a snowstorm. But that's another topic for another day :)

I'll see if I can get some video tomorrow. If I ride. I really hope I can ride. I'll probably just have to get out even earlier to try and beat the weather. Even though it's already 85 at 8:30. Yikes.

But until then, enjoy your NICE weather.

Bre (Official Spokesperson for Her Royal Juicyness The Fame Monster... Greta)
Photo from {this is glamourous}

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