Thursday, August 5, 2010

L'amour et les chevaux

Love and horses. I'm such a sucker for vintage prints. Vintage prints and fancy crests and old children's books illustrations - the ones with the beautiful ink drawings like in the original Alice in Wonderland or Black Beauty. Oh yes, I'm a big sucker.

As for Greta, she's a sucker for hay. Le foin est la clé du cœur de mon cheval.

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  1. I get nostalgic, too. Vintage photos, furniture, Detroit sheetmetal. I like Ansel Adams & Georgia O'Keefe. Tom Jones and Ratfink. Any original Van Dutch, not the Repop stuff, but his 50's pinstriping. I love spaghetti westerns, too. Lone Ranger reruns, anything from Stacy Peralta. Yeah, I'm a big sucker for all the cool old stuff....


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