Friday, August 27, 2010

Golightly, Greta Golightly

I often get the question around the barn: why "Greta"? Why not Penelope like her registered name? Well, besides the fact that she was already used to a "G" name when I got her (it was Goose!) I also have some reasons of my own.

Anyone ever heard of Greta Garbo?

A glamorous actress of a gilded era of film (she was filmed from 1922-1941 to be specific) born in Stockholm, she was named "the most beautiful woman that ever lived" in 1954 by Guinness. She was known to be one of the early "modern women" with her assertive attitude and by playing controversial roles but still remaining feminine - she was a favorite subject of many artistic fashion photographers. Here is a marvelous website about her.

Garbo was Swedish and beautiful. Perfect for Greta.

Also, if you look into the name "Greta" it is derivative of the German name "Gretel" which is derivative of the Latin word for "pearl" which is derivative of the Sanskrit word for "pearl", after much passing through the different languages. Greta means "pearl". Perfect.

So Greta was established.

Now, if you don't recognize "Golightly" right away, you need to hit your movie classics STAT.

Actually, if you've watched the movie, Golightly is Holly's surname. Mister Golightly is a, wait for it... a horse doctor from Texas! Funny how these things work out, huh?

And every time I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's, I always see Holly Golightly's personality as quite similar Greta's, as far as horse personalities go haha. Both are very quirky and... interesting characters. In much of Holly's dialog and actions, I can just see Greta in her human form. If that makes any sense.

And Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of marvelous to me. Not only was she an incredible actress and a fashion icon, she was a very good person, doing a great amount of work with UNICEF and helping poverty-stricken children in Africa and other parts of the world. She was just a good person.

Thus, "Greta Golightly" was established.


  1. Excellent tribute and the names really work together. Coincidentally, my original dressage teacher's FEI horse was "Garbo".

  2. Wonderful, Dah-ling! I love "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and Greta Garbo is my favorite B&W female film star. Wow. Neat stuff. In my high school years, I developed an affinity for B&W films, and photography as well. I never had anyone who couild relate to my nostalgic tendencies, and was often ridiculed when I would quote Bogart, or Monroe; Garbo or Dean. Of course this was the eighties, so most of the people my age were into "Breakfast Club" or worse "Friday the 13th". Garbo was indeed ahead of her time, and many American men shunned her openly and lusted for her secretly. I'm sure there are a few geldings out there that feel the same about your Greta.

  3. Impressive Bre! but YOU are the quirky *in a great way* to even know who these film stars are at the age of sixteen. Two icons I LOVE as well. But we must never forget Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.... typical woman to do everything he could dance wise, but backwards and in high heels! I have a sign that says that in some form. OH my! NOW I want to go re-watch Breakfast at Tiffany's! I LOVE the old stuff, so great going on the name!

  4. When I was an exchange student in Sweden my host grandpa was very proud of the fact that he was probably the last surviving man who had kissed Greta Garbo. "I mean really kissed!!" he said with a huge smile on his face. he was a cute old man.
    Love the name and story of how you named her. She's adorable!


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