Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updates and Pictures

Firstly, since school has started riding has not been as consistent as I would like for it to be. Why, you ask? Because the highs have been in the upper 90s (it was 99 today) and it doesn't really cool down into a comfortable 90 or so (you'd be surprised at how comfortable that can feel) until 7:30, and not even in the rideable upper 80s until 8:00 or 9:00 (for Greta's sake, and would YOU want to do a heavy work out in a Texas August? Hate to say it, but the horse is always working just a little bit more than the rider, at least in dressage, imagine how hot SHE gets.) The barn closes at 10:00, and I need to be home and getting ready for bed by then so I can wake up early the next morning and actually stay awake in school. I sound whiny. And I feel lazy every time I skimp out on a ride (I did ride yesterday and Greta was excellent bless her) but I justify it with knowing I'm doing what I feel is best for Greta (my self-preservation seems to lower to 0 when Greta is involved!)

I hoped this week, after giving Greta a week off last week since she had been worked quite hard and quite consistently all three months (and before) of summer, that I could get back into a consistent riding schedule this week. You know, the one I had planned and set-up a couple of weeks ago? I don't believe it will work out this week. I'm crossing my fingers for next week.

Also, Greta's tail has been bagged. In Kensington SmartPink Plaid to be specific. I'm trying to save it. It was long and full when I got her, and over the months it has just... thinned out. I wouldn't have done it, but it has five inches of REALLY THICK FRINGE on the end and her fly spray is absolutely wonderful (Absorbine Ultrashield EX, it stays on even with hosing off after rides and sweating, and it may not say so, but it is made from natural ingredients, Pyrethrins from chrysanthemums) so it's good. We'll see how it does. And she doesn't seem to mind. More spoilage on her behalf :)

In the meantime (I'm going to put up a little post on my favorite hand analogies....)

Hello, this is Greta. Greta Golightly. You know who. Now, observe the beauty that is me.

Bre was laughing when she saw me sleeping like this. But I want to let everyone know, that is how REAL beauty sleep goes down.

And this is how you REALLY enjoy your bed.

I mean, REALLY enjoy it.

And this is how you tell the yearling next door to shut his trap. He chews his hay really loud. Bre says she doesn't know why I don't like "little Rio," but she only sees that cute baby facade when she comes around. She doesn't see the little brat he is when no humans are around. Well..... I haven't either. But I know it's there.

Okay, I'm gone. Buh-bye :)


  1. Cuteness!!!

    Also, a "comfortable" 90? Yikes. I prefer a comfortable 60!


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