Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blah-blah-ah-ah-ah, Greta, Gre-ta-ta

Greta, ooh-la-la

BTW, Check out the Starsmith Remix of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". I heard a freestyle a-formin'....

Yeah, today's ride was less than smashing, but there were some nice moments. Yesterday: ace. Saturday: ace. Lately: ace. Don't know what happened today. Greta just wasn't up for cooperating, particularly halting (I've had her halting BEAUTIFULLY from the trot lately), and I probably was not asking right. I have a feeling I could've done a lot more stretching at the walk and trot. I will just remember that Thursday, and I'm sure that ride will be better, and Friday will be fun, and Saturday will be nice too. Tomorrow we do some actual work in side reins, according to our new poshy-woshy-schedule!

But Greta HAS been doing very well. I videotaped our ride today, and it seems every time I video myself, then the ride ends up bad. But if somebody else is doing it, then it works? And if there's no videoing at all, then it's awesome!

And Greta is moving up a size in her Wintec "gullet" (it's really the tree that's adjusting, but they call it a gullet? Whatever) because she's gained about 50 lbs since we got her and she's put on some muscle, so it's starting to pinch her behind the shoulders. I could tell because she now has a dry spot right behind her shoulders. And the gullet is sitting higher up on her than it should be. But hey, this is why I got the Wintec! Because the gullet can be adjusted by some Joe Shmoe like me AND I love the CAIR panels because I don't have to worry about pressure points or reflocking, etc. It may not be super duper fancy like the $3,000 Passiers out there, but it's a lot more user-friendly and I didn't feel nervous about getting one, because I knew things could easily be adjusted. And they still look nice. I like my Wintec, and I'll love it again when it's not pinching Princess's shoulders haha.

Until then, some notes from Greta:

Hello, people. These are pictures of me. Gorgeous. I know.

I have a pretty neck. I like showing it off. And I know there's is food in that sink. I check it, like, every time I go by it. But all there was in there today was, like, water. Oh, well, better luck next time :(

Bre likes to make sure I match. I like my pink plaid. Bre even has a pink plaid water bottle and pink plaid zocks. So, really, she likes to match sure we match. Chels and Bentley call it my "Almost Burberry" attire. Appropriate for Miss Golightly, yes :) I'm pretty, I know.

Bre did, like, this super weird thing to my hair (she does weird things all the time to my hair, and she always mumbles "I have to get it to lay flat, it must lay flat, and it will lay flat on the same side as the rest of your hair". Well, I don't know about you, Bre, but I was trying to one-up Justin Bieber with my side swept hair that, like, falls to one side and stays there. It keeps me edgy) but as you can see, she banded it over to one side and now it, like, stays! Of course, I tried to rub them out last night, but it made my hair stick up every where this morning when Bre came to get me from my pasture. She said I looked like a poser punk who DIYed his mohawk. She was laughing at my failed free-my-hair attempt, but I, like, totally wasn't. But when she took them out she was happy that my hair was, like, all flat and on one side and everything and kept telling me how pretty I looked, even with the freaky 'do before. I know, Bre, I'm pretty. You could stand to, like, say it more often ;)

Oh, and Bre's neck makes, like, a really good resting spot for your chin. She was hosing me off and she, like, bent over and her neck was, like, there, under my chin, so I, like, put my chin there. And I dozed. And she laughed and pet me. I don't know what was so funny about it, I was just putting my human to good use. You dozed off on my side one time at this one clinic while we were, like, waiting and I was eating hay, so I'm, like, returning the favor. Love ya, Bre!

XOXO - Greta


  1. Maybe Greta wasn't giving you her full attention today because she read your last post and was slightly offended! So she was being sassy. I bet it was the comment I made about her being such a diva! Just don't let her read the blog anymore! Love the first person perspectives from Greta. I think the thoughts will help me when I finally get around to getting my own horses. I love Duke, A Giant gelding that loves to sniff my ball caps and lick the back of my arms when I won't pay attention to him. Sadly he's not for sale. Ahhh well, I'm still looking....

  2. Ah, she can be offended, but it is quite true. I hope I didn't make her sound like a dive towards people, because she's very sweet to people, it's just other horses she has.... issues with.


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