Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Event horses spook at NOTHING!"

I put this on facebook because I was so amazingly impressed with the intensity of this jump. It made me nervous just looking at it. The jump was part of the showjumping course at the Rebecca Farm CCI*** Event last week.

My comment on it was "That's an intense jump. I wonder how many horses made to spook at it?"

And I got the clear response "Event horses spook at NOTHING!"

Oops.... I forgot, because I know my wussy dressage horse certainly would relieve herself and then run in the other direction. I probably would let her. That's a crazy jump. Only insane people would jump that. But I've always felt that most eventers were probably somewhat insane. Which makes us dressage riders sane, because we like to stay on the ground and look pretty... because our horses are wusses ;)


  1. i firmly believe that all truly great dressage horses are most likely out of their minds :)

  2. Yes, lots of talent..... but the world IS out to get them. Just ask Greta.


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