Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boom Boom Pow

Thank you thunder for deciding to BOOM and for lightening deciding to go FLASH whenever I was in between putting Greta's halter on and taking her bridle off. And thank you Greta for standing there crapping yourself rather than running the hell away. And thank you irony for making me realize how stupid it was to momentarily leave my horse without anything on her head in an open barn aisle during a thunderstorm :)

But really, the longeing session today went great. And, Andrea and Jen, I kept the longe line off the ground and made her move out. I found that she apparently knows "out"...... considering I never used it then I'm amazed that she remembers. Super smart girl :)))

As for the thunderstorm, after that incident, I took the hint and untacked her in her stall for safety measures, and then I handwalked her five laps around the arena each way since I didn't want an incident to happen with just the line and her breakaway halter. I had more control over her and she definitely relaxed when I was leading the way. Then I hosed her off, and she was awesome in the crossties even with the rumbling thunder. She kept an eye on me.

Lawdy, what a cutie!

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