Monday, August 9, 2010

Greta's First Time in Side Reins 8-03-2010

Some video of this momentous occasion haha. Thanks L!

This is probably not Greta's first time in side reins, but it is her first time as far her time with me heehee. Which means, she hasn't been in side reins for at least a little over a year. She's smart. She nailed it real quick.

Good Girly.

A note from Her Royal Juicyness The Fame Monster:

Oh. My. Gawd. She makes it sound so easy. It was so, like, HARRRD! Like, you have NO idea. Like, I had to work! I mean, I work well anyways, and the snuggling at the end was fun and all, but Bre, like, took me away from, like, my hay and, like, my stall and, like, it was so HARD! But I got over it. Because I'm, like, mature. And it was fun showing off in front those two fancy geldings that watch me when I work. Maybe in another life, Finale and Taran. I can, like, ROCK side reins now. I'm SO over you. Ha!

XOXO - Greta

Aww, Greta. You have such good social graces :)


  1. GURRRRRRRRRRL if you don't pick up that excess end of the lunge line and stop letting the part between you and her drag on the ground, I am coming to Texas to whap you with your own lunge whip!!

  2. Amen Andrea, and I'm a lot closer to her than you are, LOL! I always coil the extra in my hand (not looping, just draping it, so if we have a bad moment my hand doesn't get wrapped in the line). And if the line between me and the horse is on the ground, I either ask for a smaller circle or, preferably, point my whip at the shoulder and tell them "out" - i.e. they need to make the circle bigger.

    Regarding your side reins, they're really loose. It's good to start that way but you do not want them to be banging on her mouth, so you'll eventually need to take them up so there is light contact with her nose slightly in front of the vertical when she's trotting. Also, I usually have the inside side rein 2 holes shorter than the outside so that she can bend on the circle. Just like when you're riding, the outside side rein should NEVER be flopping while your inside side rein is making contact. You want the side reins to mimic you - light, steady contact with a slight bend to the inside.

  3. @Jen: YES, MA'AM, TOO!

    This session was only 15 minutes, maybe five minutes of trot, and I was told that the side reins are only allowed to be loose this time when she's getting used to them. Warm her up without them attached, then attach them like you would have your reins. But I will definitely remember your advice. I'm using the side reins again tomorrow, so I'll be using that rule as well.

    Thanks guys :) I'm still new to this stuff lol


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