Sunday, February 27, 2011

Riding 2-24-2011

LOOK AT HER!!!! It makes me happy.

Video from bareback work a few days ago. You can tell in the last two clips that she's starting to get tired because she was dragging those back feet haha! And she was hanging on my hands. The camera ran out of battery before we cantered, but that's okay because she was hanging on my hands so that made her a bit downhill. I just need to do all that before she gets tired next time LOL. I always get so nit-picky at the trot that I forget about the canter until the end of the ride, and of course she's tired so of course it's going to be icky, and that's really not fair to her, because the canter is not a confirmed movement. So, I shall be fair and refrain from doing that anymore! What a good girl!


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Thanks guys!