Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Pony Posing Pictures

Well, the first week of November, I got bored on a Saturday. So, guess who got to have braiding practiced on her??

My braids were horrible, save the forelock (but that's probably because I braid it before every ride anyway if I don't put on an earnet, because if I don't do that, then her forelock will blow back behind her ears and she will shake her head the whole rider, even if I tuck it under the browband!) though thankfully a friend who does far more showing and braiding showed me how to do a button braid. Her one sample braid looked much prettier haha. I used too much hair for each braid and braided in the thread wrong, among many other things. Oh, well. Not like we're in any rush to learn how to braid!

Now check out Miss Hot Mama:

And then she got her Pony Posin' back on! Whee! And looking at this picture, I just realized what nice conformation my pony has (picture angle makes her look bent over at the knees, but she is a bit thin below the knees, always has been). A pretty pony, inside and out: something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Well, I got her to stand square, but she lost her lovely expression she had earlier.

Ma DIVA peu! My little DIVA!

AH! My gorgeous girl! I think this is when she saw said awesome-braider-friend's truck pull in haha! She knew hair help was on the way!!

J'aime Greta! I love Greta!

Hot stuff with her Absorbine Natural Hooflex Dressing (I find it works really well, and it doesn't have turpentine like the original Hooflex dressing.)

Now that's Greta. Awkward angle makes her look downhill, but this was more of a expression shot haha. LOOK at that FACE! :)

All in all, I think she enjoys the attention.


  1. Nice! Sooo pretty. I really need to try and get some better conformation pictures of my pony. Of course now she's a fuzzball, and last I saw her she was diiiirty.

    But seriously, she sparkles! (Your pony, NOT mine) And the hoof black is a nice touch.

  2. haha yeah Greta would normally be a fuzzball this time of year, too, but she has been sheet-a-fied as of late.


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