Saturday, August 14, 2010

Very Gouda :)

I was watching Amelie the other night (wonderful movie btw... though for mature audiences) and they had a scene where she recorded this from the Criterium Inernationale in 1997 (NOT the Tour de France as I found out, but hey, one assumes if it's a bike race and it's in France... then it must be the Tour de France! haha) and I remembered how inspiring I find this video. It just makes me smile. And the movie theme music (La Valse D'amelie by Yann Tierson on the soundtrack, but the original piece is Comptine D'un Autre Été I believe, and Jolanda Adelaar and Guusje did a wonderful freestyle to it during a demo at the WEG a few years back) adds a nice touch :)

But yes, this video, just.... inspires me........ in that lovey-dovey-super-cheezy way. Lots of cheese. Very Gouda.


  1. Proud spirit and confidence are universally inspiring. A rare example of genre crossover is not cheesy but genuine. You can almost imagine the horse saying: (in my mind the horse has a Texas drawl) Y'all wanna run? LET'S RUN!


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