Monday, August 23, 2010

Our 2nd Summer....

And this better not be "our last summer", ABBA. Thanks.

So Senior year starts tomorrow, and I absolutely crashed yesterday (believe me when I say I slept in until 3:00 for the first time in three months.... really, it's the first time I've actually slept in at all this summer) and today I went out to find it was 95 with no breeze, so Greta got her weekly bath and I shampooed her tail in Quic Silver (trying to figure out if her tail is that dingy brownish tint because of where she is still graying out or if it is actually dirty!) Then I came home and actually relaxed and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, following my Audrey splurge for the past few days (Tiffany's concludes my watching of Roman Holiday and Sabrina and Paris When it Sizzles and Funny Face!) Tonight I might just watch Amelie and call it a summer!

I have this feeling, after going through three years of high school now, that this week will be extraordinarily busy and Greta and Odin will probably get a week off. I'll still go out and visit, perhaps do light riding, I don't know. I really want to try and maintain our schedule, but I suppose one week after three months of consistent hard work and the marvelous sizzling weather of The Texas Summer won't harm anyone. I always feel lazy when I do that, but I suppose the logic fits. I will see how this week goes. It might just be no riding tomorrow and the rest of the week works. I definitely want to go out tomorrow night and groom and pretty up Miss Greta, like I like to every day: honestly, I find it more relaxing and I prefer to give the girl a good grooming than to ride her.

And another fun little Greta story (I don't think I've told this? If I have, just bear with my forgetfulness or not read it all haha!) from Saturday.

I was helping L with her all-day lessons as I have been doing on Saturdays, and I glanced over to see Greta still standing in the front corner of her stall in front of the entrance, her head hung a little low. Worried, I went over to check on her and noticed her dozing, quite heavily. She was snoring, her eyes were closed, her head was propped up against the entrance and she body against the wall, absolutely looking like she was about to collapse. And to top off this ladylike performance, there was at least a 6-inch string of droll coming from her droopy lower lip. The girl was out. I said her name and kissed her on the nose, and she flicked an ear towards me and lazily opened an eye as if to say "Whuuut?" and then she went back to sleep. My curiously normal Greta. Of course, I did not take video because I was busy, but it would have been absolutely hilarious for y'all to have seen.

I also need to get video of her watching me while I help during lessons. She'll prop her head up over the top bar of her stall, ears forward and watching me as long as I'm in sight. As Mariah Carrey would say: Girl, "why you so obsessed with me?"

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  1. ahhhh, the last lazy days of Texas summer. Once again your wisdom beyond your years is keeping you ahead of the game. I'll bet 95% of youth in this country wouldn't understand the value of preparedness even if everyone they knew explained it to them. By understanding that you have a lot coming up, and not over-extending yourself, you have once again set yourself up for great success. Bravo.
    On a lighter note; video of Greta drooling in her sleep would be a knee-slapper! Don't ever lose your sense of humor!


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