Friday, August 13, 2010

A looming dread rises.....

........ it comes in the form of Senior year and all-college-level classes and its devastation to my new-founded barn-bum lifestyle will be unprecedented.

But I WILL make it work. If normal kiddos can bend over backwards and touch the back of their heels to accommodate school sports and/or music and/or clubs/organizations AND still make ace grades, then I can too. Except for me, it'll just be school and riding haha.

I am excited for some of the classes I will be taking: European history, English and Art (always a favorite) and Biology. I'll be catching up with Sign Language after missing out for a year, so that will be interesting. And it'll be nice to see people that I haven't seen over the sumer because I was with my four-legged friends. And in November a dear friend from Europa will be visiting. YAY!

As for the horses, I plan to do homework and then ride around in the evenings. I will still keep Greta's schedule up and I will be riding Odin (and Tequila, when she gets better). As for the last two horses, it'll probably be me riding Odin on the days Tequila has lessons and Tequila the days she doesn't have lessons. And weekends will be open for all three. I will also be helping out L Saturdays with her lessons. I'm excited about that too. It'll be like an internship :)

Greta has been superb lately. Yesterday I ended up riding her in the evening, and she was VERY distracted. So after a long, careful warm-up with lots of changes in pace in the walk and halt and walk and trot transitions, we ended up with a nie, lovely ride doing.... just about the same stuff. And cantering. But she was very off-balanced and rushing during the canter. But it did make me appreciate and realize how balanced she really has become, because I remember it's been a while since she's done her whole leaning into the circle at a 45-degree angle and going 50 mph routine. Almost two or three months now. She has become much more balanced. It's just yesterday she wanted to GO EVERYWHERE! Halt? What's halt? Slow my pace? Huh?

And today was our FITNESS FRIDAY and she did well. I think I pushed her a little bit more than what she was ready for, but she had just about cooled off after ten minutes of continuous free walk after the whole workout. Of course, I walked her around for a another ten minutes and she was definitely quite cooled off. AND she got a hose down AND a liniment bath AND she came back to a stall (and the following is why I LOVE the stables we are at right now) with thick, fresh bedding AND two flakes of hay AND two buckets of fresh water! She was a happy, happy girl :)

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