Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jillian Michaels and Buzz

WOAH! My grandfather showed me an article in Cowboys and Indians about Jillian Michael and her horse, Buzz, and my first thought was "SHE RIDES?"

As far as rider fitness goes, I imagine she's quite the ideal example ;)

Anyway, my second thought was, "Wow, Buzz is a dead-ringer for Odin, save a bigger star on his forehead. I wonder if he's a Perch/Fresian cross? He looks a lot like one."

Remember Odin?

Read the article a bit, and he most certainly is a Perch/Fresian cross. He is also a Premarin foal/rescue, so that was really cool to read that he was rescue as well. She also described Buzz as like a big puppy, also like Odin. AND they do dressage!

He is almost Odin's twin, save that Odin was a former Amish carthorse, but in personality and looks they are very much alike. Very weird! I wonder if all Perch/Fresian crosses are like this? I would be eager to find another and see for myself!

Anyway, Odin left fall 2010, so thus ended my days of riding him (really, I had to stop when school started, he moved later) but I couldn't help but think of him when I saw this! Now Jillian just needs to get herself a Greta-like pony and her world will be complete!

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