Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woooo, I need a hobby!

As much as love riding the ponies... I go home and really just sit on the computer haha! SO I'm volunteering at the local humane society next month, and then when college starts I'm ROCK CLIMBING!!! I have some old scores to settle with the Barton Creek cliff faces. And indoor rock walls. I have old scores to settle with rock climbing in general. That and I will also be walking up and down the giant hill that makes up Texas State. It seriously is like climbing a Mayan temple. I had to go halfway down the hill to the testing center during orientation, and I counted a little over twenty flights of steps (staircase steep, not the big, easy, flat kind) with a little over twenty steps on each flight. And that doesn't count the multilevel buildings, since those are built into the hill too and the elevators aren't always a practical option! I will have a body like one of the Williams sisters!

But I do get to pass by their super cool horse statue in the middle of the campus. I like to take a good long stare at it every time I go by. It is a truly fascinating statue.

The college does have an IHSA team, BUT lessons are extra and I won't have the time and it would get expensive. Greta and I will get to know each other even better then haha!

My jumping lesson last week made me realize how weak I really am LOL! Jumpers... you rock!


  1. You have your art! That is an awesome hobby. Or will it be your career?

  2. IHSA... yeah, prolly better to sit that one out. I have Stories.

    And that's really cool about volunteering at the animal shelter!

  3. @Val: oh, certainly, I have my art! Not going to make a career out of it (going into Biology) BUT I do make some money off of it! I finally set up a price list and started advertising to people haha!

    @Jenj: Bad stories?? I heard it was supposed to be a great riding skills builder lol. But lessons are $150 a month and the place is on the other side of the 35 from where Greta is, but the trainer is supposed to good. But calculating time and gas prices... it would NOT be worth it. Maybe next year or something. Anyway... I'll do what I've always done and learn jumping on Greta and catch ride at the new barn!


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