Monday, May 30, 2011

The Feed Room, Clever Greta, and Baby Birds

This is a really nice blog about equine nutrition (who would've thought with that title?!)

I have not been out to the barn since Thursday, but for good reason. I kind of graduated from high school, praise be! Also, I had family down that I really wanted to hang out with. I did get to go out tonight though, yay!

AND I also have some very good news..... Greta got a tag to go on her black leather halter. Well, technically I got the tag, and I know Greta won't care one iota, but you know what? It makes me feel happy! And she looks sharp!

Now observe as she manages to show it off AND prove that she has the problem solving skills of a great ape (I had to volunteer my thumbs, though haha). Clever girl! I kind of wanted to leave her be and see if she could figure it out herself, she probably would've when she flipped the bag over, but I didn't for her to shred the bag either haha! Also, you will see our resident attention-hog/cat Pyawacket (?) aka Racketwacket. He meows a lot, and I didn't notice it until after the video but there was a little toad hopping around in the aisle as well, near where the cat was haha! I think it's the same on that thought a boarder's saddle in her tack locker would be a satisfactory living location, and leaping out to greet her when she opened it would be great fun. I put him outside, but I suppose he's come back. Anyway.... GRETA!

And one more thing...... meet my two new little projects, courtesy of my bleeding heart!

I contacted Parks and Wildlife today and found out how to take care of them. They were knocked out of their nests or fell out or something, and our 9-month-old puppy Meg was trying very hard to take care of them (however her touch is not as gentle as she probably would hope for it to be, bless her). I've had to handle them several times to get them situated in their "nests" (the one in the rosebush was an old nest that was still usable, yay!) but that was only a few times, so I'm trying to keep them from potentially imprinting on me (cardinals have too poor of scent to reject them because they smell human, but they can still imprint even at this age). Thankfully they're older and starting to experiment with flight (not some new-age drug... I mean actual flight haha) so really I just feed them soaked dog food (that's how they get their water too) if they want to be fed and check in on them. The first is Florence Nightingale and the second is Cardinal Richelieu. Cardinal Richelieu seems to still have mama looking out for him, but so far it seems I am the sole caretaker of Florence Nightingale. Hmm..... hopefully all will be well, but at least I can't say I didn't try! It certainly gives me even more appreciation for wildlife rehabilitators.


  1. Darling birds. Greta is sneaky!

  2. Can't wait to see photos of the halter tag :)

  3. Oops! I forgot to add a picture of the nameplate. It's below the video now.


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