Monday, June 13, 2011

Lesson 6-13-2011

Warmed up in the pasture, really worked on her stretching for the bit (she has had some issues with that the past few days, but when she stretches she can STRETCH) and then did some baby leg yields. Only got video of the ones at the trot, we did a lot at the walk and trot, and while none of them were spot-on, she was really trying hard to figure it out and get it right... she was like "Wait.... you want me to go forward AND sideways? What the HECK?"

I told her I would love for her to be like a Willy Wonka elevator. Those can go forward and sideways!

But poor thing, I have a tough time opening up my seat for her. I tend to sit more on the side of the direction she's traveling in, which is definitely not opening things up for her lol! I also have a tough time slowing her shoulders so she is straight and not just going in a diagonal with her neck bent. She also loves to really overbend from the withers, even when my inside rein is absolutely slack. Silly girl! She's only doing what she thinks is right!

She has an easier time leg-yielding to the right, because she likes to stand up on that shoulder! Which is why cantering to the left is easier for her than the right. She gets a bit counterflexed going to the right and thus ends up being a bit unbalanced and strung out lol. But MUCH better than what she was 6 months ago. And goodness knows we look better than we did 2 years ago haha!

And her canter has come such a long ways! I love her canter. She's got a big, beautiful canter and walk. She could stretch even more at the trot, but that's pretty easy to fix. And fix it we shall!

Fun stuff. What a doll :)


  1. Lovely! We are definitely NOT that polished LOL. You have really made progress. I love the relaxation you have going on. Progress is fun eh??

  2. Thanks! It has certainly been a long time coming! I love it when she gets nice and relaxed.


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