Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still can't figure out the moral...

A funny story told to me by a farrier today:

J. was trimming the hooves of a young girl's (spoiled and plump) gelding. She had gone off to get something, and in her absence, said gelding thought it would be great fun to try and take a chunk out of the farrier. The farrier, performing a most natural reaction, popped the horse on the shoulder and yelled the common expression of alarm at appalling behavior, "You S-O-B!".

He did not know that this gelding's little girl was coming back down the barn aisle and had heard him.

Skip forward to Sunday morning at the church both the farrier and the girl go to, and little girl told on J. to the pastor.

"Mr. J. cussed at my horse," she said quite solemnly.

"Okay, I'll have a talk with him," said the pastor reassuringly.

Skip forward to after the service, the pastor finds J. and pulls him aside.

"Now, I'm know we're all adults and we're allowed to curse, and it's not like you do it a lot or obscenely, but a pair of little ears told me they heard you call their horse an S-O-B? She wasn't very happy."

J. chuckled, recalled the story, and joked, "If you were around as many horses as I am and have to put up with as much nonsense as they can give me, you'd be cursing too!"

The pastor put his hand on J's shoulder, quite serious, and patted it. "J, that's why Jesus rode a donkey."

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