Monday, June 6, 2011

Riding 6/6/2011

AKA Look at the little harem girl! With her net people have also said she looks like Zorro, The Dread Pirate Roberts, a beekeeper, and a bandito! Or... bandita?

LOL whatever works, right? Notice it's also too hot for a normal saddle pad. We're moving to the baby pad (yay for a properly-fitting saddle!) and yesterday we dawdled around the property bareback. Whee!

Also, I try to ride in the outdoor arena too, but seeing as we have had some record-setting heat (a high or 101 today) and even in the morning (I'm talking 8 AM!) there's enough heat and humidity to steam vegetables (usually there's wind, but there was NONE today!!) then we've been pretty much covered-arena-bound for the past couple of weeks!

Yeah.... nothing new :)

"Hold me close now tiny dancer...." haha

LOL at her awkward-yet-super-engaged lengthening!

See? I told you we're getting that cantering thing down! She can hold this for a few strides. Getting her to hold it for a whole lap around the arena is something else haha! It really makes me seat muscles BURN! But it's not bad.

A little strung out, but better than a few months ago!

Kind of the same thing with the trot. Enough strength to hold this loveliness for a few strides, but still working on longer periods.

This is what most of the cantering looks like. But like I said, nothing bad! :)

And like I said before..... nothing new ;)


  1. Greta looks great! You are making lovely progress with her. She is carrying herself nicely in the last canter photo.

  2. Looks lovely! What fantastic progress you two are making!

  3. Thanks! It's little moments of brilliance as they transform into normality that really make me love this process!

  4. Definitely see signs of progress in these photos! Your mare is very pretty :)


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