Monday, June 13, 2011

Greta is a saint :)

Greta helps me give lil bro a mini lesson :)

Seriously, she loves taking care of the little guys - granted, he's not a little kid, but Greta is always very gentle with all the little lesson kiddos that come to the barn, whether she's in the stall or getting groomed and tacked up. They can feed her treats and she won't get nippy and she'll let them pet her all over, just absolutely relaxed (I don't think she's ever gotten nippy in the two years I've owned her, nor kicked out or even put an ear wrong.... other horses, not so much!)

Oh, and in honor of National Helmet Awareness Day (and to protect lil bro's brains!) I made him wear my helmet on my CRAZY pony!

AND I have loved this song for four years now. Just so... chill.

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