Monday, June 13, 2011

Barn Menagerie

Peafowl, chickens, turkeys, crazy barn cats (but no mice!), a resident rabbit, occasional deer, and even a coop of racing pigeons! The barn has got quite the menagerie. And none of the critters will ever be seeing the chopping block, although I and other boarders have threatened the noisy chickens and the ones that wander into the arena while a horse is cantering have threatened them with that..... heehee.

Oh, and the SmartCar that shows up practically every day ;)


  1. I want the squeaking kitty!!

  2. The kitty is cute, but overly vocal. Chickens, well they're chickens. The deer come around, the rabbit beds down. When the wild go to ground, and Greta's hooves begin to pound, the mice think it's Christmas, because they don't make a sound.

  3. I love Stripey! The noisiest and neediest one is Pyawacket, who is, thankfully, not on this video. He can get a bit obnoxious.


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