Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a steal! Not!

I had sent a SWB farm up in Collinsville, TX, an email last year asking about information on a SWB inspection they would be hosting. I have a member number and everything, I just kind of wanted to know the time and details haha! Well, they never responded, so that was a bust, BUT......

I magically got an email today (my email ended up on their mailing list for this mass email) and it went a little something like this:

"Hello All,
I have just returned from another successful trip to Sweden where I found numerous nice dressage horses from 4 yrs to GP for under 50k usd. If you are interested in viewing some of the horses that are still available just click on the links below..."

Under 50k? What a steal! That's more than what I hope all four years of college will cost my family and I!

But, just for grins and giggles, and because nothing makes me happier than to see pretty ponies, I decided I'd browse through the 14 links to YouTube videos sent. They all pretty much looked the same. But THIS guy...... whoa. Kind of blew me away. A bit flashy in the front, and if that was natural then phooey... I would be hoping it could be trained out. But he's by Okeanos (don't know the dam, much less his name or gender, as I'm calling him a 'he' out of assumption now, but a 'she' would be extraordinarily awesome lol! I'd hate to know such important information like that!) so that's a very good start, and then he's also a grey!

To sum this baby up in one word.... ELECTRIC.


  1. Internet window shopping is addictive, huh? That "pretty pony" in the video is beautiful, however.

  2. jezuuuusssssss. That is some flash. And how do they train 5 year olds to do that crap already? when do they start them? at 2?? Anyways, what a nice boy!

  3. Seriously! Great ntural gaits are what saves these horses from looking like crap when they train them that way lol! But IF it could be trained out, I'd take him/her!!!!!

  4. I want that!! And that movement is all natural. A little awkward at 5yrs but I'd probably pay $40k for that. Problem is, those ridiculously flamboyant movers struggle at ULs sometimes... it's too much behind to control. I don't think he's that flashy up front... sort of normal dressage flashy. (When Gogo was shod she had WAAAAY more knee action than that up front for example.) It's the hind end that is going to be wild.

  5. Also.... where's the canter and walk in this video? If they won't show it, you know what that means? THEY SUCK! ;P Screw the trot, that can be improved... it's the walk and canter you can't do poop with if they're not good in the first place lol.

  6. LOL Yes, I was wondering where the walk and canter was. All the other videos had it!! If I'm going to dish out big bucks for that guy/gal, I would like to know what I'm paying for haha!!

  7. Well I guess if you have $50k to blow on this then you probably have another $50k to blow on another horse too... so oh well if this one turns out yucky!

  8. Well, I would like to think I'd be a person with $50K and a heart lol.


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