Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"You're a mean one, Mr. Mud...."

You make white horses turn to brown!

You're as slippery as a lawyer,
You're as sloshy as my Soaps,
Mr. Muh-ud!

I wouldn't walk through you in...
Tall black rubber boooooots! (Oops, too late for that one)"

One of my favorite things about the holiday season: the Grinch!

First of all, some good news and some bad news about the farrier visit today.

The Good news: The mud is no match for Greta's hooves of impenetrable iron, apparently. The farrier said that they are probably the best he has seen on a barefoot horse, and he attributes it to her being raised on very rocky ground (the Illinois hills and then the Colorado Rockies, whoo!) and my putting Thrush Buster on her once a week. Apprently, I only need to put it on twice a month. Oops! Also, she was very good, and he didn't have to really push her to lift her hooves, etc. She was a saint. For him.

The bad news: She wasn't a saint for her Bre-substitutes (the parental units :D). She made it difficult for them to catch her - she just walked in circles though, no running away, as she really didn't want to leave her new boyfriends - and to lead her and keep her still while they washed off her legs pre-farrier. But during and after the trim, she returned to the saint I know she is!

I was able to go out today, as usual, and finally take pictures of der Greters. There was a random 2 inches of rain this morning, and it came in sideways, so all of the arenas and round pens are closed off now and Greta decided she'd give me twice as much work to do Thursday! Riding Buddy said she couldn't stand to have a white horse. I simply said that it means Greta and I have to spend more time together!

Also I saw some deer farther back in the pasture. Very cool.

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