Saturday, October 3, 2009

LMAO Nostalgia

I remember this picture.... it still cracks me up. I was probably talking or taking a breath or licking my lips or something. But it came out looking like I was going "GWWWAAAAAAHHH!!!"

This is from my first four months of my first dressage lessons ever on an awesome Appendix gelding named Slugger in 2008. I won my first show on him. I learned all the basics on him. He and his owner/my instructor were the pair to beat back their eventing competition days (Number 4 rider in the nation and number 7 horse in the nation... what level though, I do not know. I do know that they jumped up to 4' and did dressage up to second level). I learned a lot from the both of them.


And those are from our first show. We had a class of a little over twenty. It was Training Level Tests 1 and 2, we got first and second, respectively, and then Jr. High Point with a score of 65.62. Pretty cool way for me to get into dressage, and an awesome way for Mr. Slugger to officially retire.

Now... we'll see how Greta takes showing next year! It'll either be carnage or glory. I'll still love her either way.

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