Saturday, September 19, 2009

For All You Jumpers & Eventers

Particularly Sam....

You mentioned to me a few posts ago about how much dressage is involved in jumping. You told me that you once saw a rider perform something that was just about a pirouette in a jump-off round that saved the clock big time. Well, check this out:

The kick-ass tight turns don't come until the final round, but I was totally geeking out! Those were amazing!!! And her hands remained practically motionless! That is sooo cool! The first tight turn and then The ones where she lands after the double combination and immediately turn left me starstuck. No wonder this girl got first!

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  1. :D That is one good rider on one good horse! She did do some really nice turns in the jump-off. Hehe, we did one of those at the AECs! Land and tuuuuurn. Although it's not nearly as difficult when your fences are only 2'6"!

    Man, do I wish I could find video of the turn I saw :( Maybe when I go to watch again this year (it's coming up in Nov., yay!) I'll take video. I'm sure there's likely to be at least one awesome turn in the jump-off.

    Doesn't it just make you wanna jump somethin'? :D


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