Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time for something sickly sweet!

Mmm. It's September, and it just went from a refreshing 80 degree weather this past week back up to 90 degrees today. Not bad, compared to this record-breaking summer, but with October and November and December drawing closer and closer, I can't help but thing of my favorite time of the year.

Sweaters and wool socks and quarter sheets and big winter blankets, and anything else snuggly you can think of. And feeling the crisp air fill your lungs while you take a morning gallop (which hopefully some of those might be coming when the winter breaks start!) and having your bum all warm when you ride your horse bareback in the cold.

You actually want the sun to come out and warm you up, and so you can see the spindly branches silhouetted against the clear sky. You want a helmet and tall boots on because they'll keep you as toasty as they can get (which for a Texan, won't mean much, because most of your riding apparel is meant for extreme heat, not cold!)

Being all cozy in the stable while you tack up, and warming your hands as you rub down your horse with a towel. And you get to make your horse look classy with a clip! (If you don't let them turn into a yak.)

Spending Christmas afternoon feeding a carrot or two, or three, or ten, while they breath moist breath on you, and taking walks through the bare pasture where you can see every hole and dip (no snow here!)

God, I love winter. It'll be Greta's first in Texas (big difference compared to Colorado winters, I'm sure).

No, we don't decorate Christmas cacti and have longhorns pull Santa's sleigh. Maybe in El Paso! But we do get poinsettias. So pretty!


  1. Ahh, the wonders of winter :) I lived in Florida for several years, and I must say that I absolutely detested the lack of snow. Although it was really fun while I was there to be asked by natives, who'd never seen snow, "What's it like?!"

    How cold does it get where you are? You said not cold enough for snow, but cold enough for big winter blankets? Val doesn't get his big blanket until late November, usually, when it gets down to below 40 at night consistently. Right now he's just got a little sheet on.

  2. I usually get a midweight winter blanket (Greta's this year is pink camo, so cute!) because the coldest it usually gets around late December and most of January and early February is just at freezing, and that's rare. If we get any "snow" it's sleet and ice! The traffic tickers on the news channel are buzzing with accidents then because people don't know what the heck to do haha!

    I'll blanket Greta if it gets below 40, because she'll have a trace clip this year, maybe a blanket clip, don't know.

    There was a high of 60 today + rain = yuck!


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