Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eventing Andalusians

You heard it right, folks:

Yes, that is an Andalusian. Yes, they are schooling what looks to be (Intermediate Novice? All I know is Beginner Novice and Rolex, guys! The horse is 16.2, if that serves as a reference) cross country. And yes, that song is in French. Apparently they are in France, and apparently the French can rock ("French frogs: plan of action!" / "We surrender!" / "No, not that plan of action!") haha!

I loved that last one because of the backdrop! JEALOUS! Oh, and the jumping hehe. I'll be sure to check out the other videos! They look pretty talented to the dressage rider's eye!

Oh, and some dressage. It's looks pretty decent. The sorrel horse is a schoolmaster they had her practice on, as this was just away schooling in Combelles (ooh, sounds fancy!) not a competition:

Greta updates will be coming soon, do not fret!


  1. Well, that's......different.

    Although I suppose I shouldn't talk since I am trying to event my Arab, all the andalusians I knew were awful jumpers. Wonderful dressage horses, but they just had no bascule and landed so heavily it looked painful. Like, almost on all 4 legs at once - no shocks.

    But this one is quite the classy jumper and mover. Too bad he isn't for sale and lives in France ;)

  2. Well, I have seen many an Arab jump nicely (they kind of spring over the jumps, really pretty) but Andalusians..... never even would have thought of them jumping of all things. He pulls it off very nicely. I was totally amazed!

  3. Hehe, levels go like such: Beginner Novice, 2'7"; Novice, 2'11", Training, 3'3"; Prelim(inary), 3'7"; Intermediate, 3'9"; Advanced, 3'11".

    Huh, I would never have guessed those triple bars were 2'6"! Lots of the XC looked like it was Training at least, but apparently I was fooled. (Although maybe not. Who knows?) Ah, well. They look like a nice pair!

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  5. Geeze! 3rd time's the charm, right? So, I just now realized that not only do they increase in size, they get really fricking huge. 4'7"! o___o I don't really know why they'd jump a horse that's primarily an eventer that high. Not even a **** has fences that big. But wicked cool!

  6. But let's not forget that the levels in France are not the same as the levels in the US! ;) Not that I have any idea what their levels are though. But some of those things its jumping are Pretty Big Sticks!


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