Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots of Love

Because of the 3/4" of rain yesterday (finally!) all but the covered arena was closed off. So I went out and hung out with Greta. It was very relaxing outside, what with the cool quiet and the thunder off in the distance. Nobody was out there, except a boarder in the barn who was cleaning off her horse in the cross ties. But she was gone after a while. So it was just me and der Greters. It was really nice.

She was kind enough to humour me for some Bre+Greta shots, then she walked away like, "Okay Bre, you're going to have to humour yourself by yourself now. I'm gonna eat my hay."

She even chased me! She usually follows, but at a walk, and today she trotted after me! Until she realized that she could trot faster than I could sprint, so I was way behind her, and she veered to a halt and turned around as if to say, "Okay Bre, you got long legs. You can keep up, right?"

No, Greta....... I haven't done track since the 6th grade! You've done all the running for me lately.

Heehee. I love that Greta girly.

I've been so ushy-mushy-gushy lately, haven't I?

All pictures were taken today.


  1. Great pics! I've been doing lots of photo sessions of my guy lately, but haven't really thought to include myself in them! You've just given me some inspiration! :)

  2. Great photos!

    Too bad about the arena...I was looking forward to hear how your extensions and collections would have gone!

  3. jrosey: glad to hear that! it's like taking a pic with a buddy, except.... it's with your horse. which is a buddy. with four legs. you get the idea.

    hopefullymyhorsewillbeaneventer: yeah, it was really nice and sloshy. it would've been an icky, sloshy, gooey mess. thank goodness people are not allowed to ride in that at the stable!

  4. Aww, cute pictures! Everybody needs to let the mushy-gushy out sometime ;)

    And although it's never a good idea to work in dangerously slick conditions, it can be useful to work on wetter ground from time to time. You never know when a sudden rainstorm will make things a bit sloppy, and it's not fun to find out your horse is finicky about her footing when you're trotting down center line! Especially if you have a sand arena, it can be good to work in it after a light rain.

    At our first event, Val and I had a rainstorm descend upon us right after we started our test! At that point, I really wished I'd schooled him in rain before then, because he got a bit concerned as the wind picked up and the rain started pouring down. Hopefully we'll be prepared next time that happens :)

  5. lol yes, very true! However, we are actually not allowed to ride in the arenas (or the grounds) when they are sloshy like that. Stable policy lol!

    I'm sure Greta would be fine. We'd just take it slow lol

    It's rocky terrain she gets clumsy on. She got us tripping, stumbling, sinking, fumbling, clumsy cuz she falling on rocks *on rock-rocks*


    Srry, i won't do that again :D


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