Saturday, September 19, 2009

"And look: I'm trrrotting!"

Haha. I love the scene from Shrek 2 when Donkey gets turned into a horse. "I can whinny! I can count! And look: I'm trotting!"

So now that we are on the subject of trotting, Greta and I did a lot of trot work today. We cantered twice. The first was a twenty meter circle, and it was A-mazing! The second... well, she took off on me and just zipped through the center of the arena. So we didn't really canter after that. I needed to focus on trotting anyway (okay, I'll stop.)

I feel like I've had another epiphany today, and that is my seat! I kind of figured out how to use it to drive Greta onto the bit, and from the glimpses I saw in the mirror, we looked pretty good! The video doesn't do it justice. Greta reached some "Eureka!" moments for herself as well.When her trot was especially good, her poll was the highest point and her back was nicely rounded and she brought her hind legs further beneath her, and it was a dream to sit.

When I drove Greta onto the bit, I used my inner thighs and seat to sort of "squeeze forward"so to speak. It was pretty friggin' cool.

And then she got a bath. So now she's sparkly white until tomorrow!

I love that Greta girly.

So, now, video of our trotting heehee:


  1. Oh, she has such great reach and stretch in her free walk! I love how she goes down gradually as you release the reins instead of thrusting her nose out and taking them from you. (I know several horses that do that!)

    Your trot is looking good; the only thing I would say is that she needs a little more forward/drive/impulsion. I fall in to letting Val get too slow really easily; it feels like an awesome, soft/round trot, but then you realize it's taking you 5 minutes to get from A to F! It's also easier to sit that than the more active, "working" trot that we need. Boogers.

    I also see Greta break to a walk a few times from the trot. (2:12, 2:44) I can't really tell if you're asking for those transitions or not. If not, I might be a bit more aggressive in my corrections. One of the things that is drummed into my head constantly is that the horse absolutely must stay in the gait you put it in. If you're not asking for a transition, make sure Greta knows that she got the "answer" to the "question" you were asking wrong.

    I hope you don't mind me throwing my two cents in! I know you guys have a trainer, so if you find my comments useless/irritating, please let me know. I'll gladly stop. I just think it helps to cement your own knowledge if you can look at other people's work and see what could be better. "You don't really know something until you can teach it to someone else," or however the saying goes! I could always just keep my comments to myself, though :)

  2. Critique is appreciated (so long as nobody's b-with-an-itching me out. Those are usually undesirable).

    Oh, good on the free walk! We got something right haha!

    More drive, check. I didn't know if this was a nice swinging trot that we wanted. But it sure is easier to sit. I just need to work on not tucking my pelvis in!

    Yes, that trot-to-walk-to-trot was unintentional. Greta was like "man I'm tired!" and I'm like "You're not even sweating! Suck it up!" She didn't do it today, so it's a not a habit thank goodness! When she does do it, it's only in the turns. Probably b/c she has to collect herself up more and that's just too haaaard.

    I love her grass belly that she's gotten from a week off from work. Cracks me up. She's just a (slightly) fat, (very) happy horse now!

    Thanks Sam!

  3. Heh, Val's getting a little plump too! And I never mentioned that I thought your title was hilarious. Donkey is awesome :)

  4. "Do you wanna hold her?"
    "Squeeze her?"
    "Never leave her?"
    "Then you gotta, gotta have a little tenderne-hess!"

    I never get tired of those movies, save the third haha.


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