Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mål för September

Goals for September:

  1. Developing a deeper and more elastic seat, especially in sitting the trot
  2. Getting and staying on the bit
  3. Collecting and extending Greta's gaits (she can do, I know she can!)
  4. Keep my legs still when posting the trot
  5. Better steering (heehee)
  6. Confidence: for the both of us!

Some inspirational pictures. Greta's sire: Pehrsson! I can totally see where she gets her good looks from. I want us to look as good as the pictures in the next few years - regardless of whether or not it's in a show, I don't care, I'm really more into learning dressage than showing at the moment. Believe me, we can pull it off.

Pictures from Caduceus Farm website.

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