Monday, September 14, 2009


Good news first: Thrush Buster held up amazingly for 5 inches of rain (TX weather is so random, one day is 100+ degree weather and we are in the midst of a drought and a few days later it's in the 70s with pouring rain like we live in Seattle!) so I would definitely recommend it to anyone now! The best deal I've found, surprisingly, is on Dover Saddlery.

Bad news: I've been anxiously awaiting and watching for Andrea and Gogo from Eventing-A-Gogo to see how they are doing in the Beginner Novice AECs. The showjumping round is blank and the final score is a big fat W. They withdrew. Now I'm really worried. I hope everything is okay.....

Oh, and some more good news, I found some AEC pictures of Sam and Val from Blue-Eyed Eventers on the AEC website. They look awesome!!!


  1. Does Greta have thrush already? Ugh, that sucks! I just have never had a problem yet. Heard that Gogo had problems with her back legs. Poss. a bowed tendon, not sure.

  2. I saw Andrea at the AECs on Thursday, but I wasn't able to talk to her again after that, so I don't know why she pulled from show jumping ): I'm working on getting up a post about the AECs; it's getting quite lengthy! I have so much school work to do since I was gone for so long, which isn't helping.

    And I love my expression in that picture. Ha! Our show jumping round was pretty much flawless, though. As you could probably tell from the standings, we were dead last- so we got to go out first in our division and make the world wonder why on earth we were dead last! :) I was so happy.

    Did Greta actually get thrush, or are you just using that as a preventative? I hope she's alright! :)

  3. Greta will get thrush very easily, especially with this freaky weather, and in previous incidents she's lost half her frog! It's never terrible, I always get to it before it actually could cause major problems. If we get a little rain, it just shows up! This was just used as a preventative and I have not seen - or smelled - anything yet! Her hooves are good! They'll be like this for about a year, according to the farrier, since she just got her shoes off 4 months ago.

    Damn! I feel sooo sorry for Andrea. I know she was really looking forward to this. They were doing amazing. I'm glad, kind of, that it's not anything horribly bad (though a bowed tendon is still not good) because, knowing me, I was beginning to invision a life-threatening colic or a broken leg. I'm such a worry wart.

    Okay, so Sam, does that mean you got pushed up to first? I'm confoozled hehe.

  4. Ha ha, no. I'm in dead last. Your score can only go up, not down. So I left dressage with a pretty mediocre 41.9, then went out to XC and ended up with a score over 100 (1 refusal + time), and I couldn't make that any better by having an awesome stadium round. I still had the greatest time and was incredibly proud of Val and myself for Dressage and Stadium! Our dressage would have been a much better score if I hadn't been so nervous, and our stadium made me so happy :)


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