Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life is more juicy with Greta

So everyone's horse has quirks. That's a given. And some of them you don't even discover or can quite nail unless somebody else is kind enough to point it out for you (and then a lot of other quirks make sense then!) As for Greta Golightly:

  1. When the girl is heat, like "must have baby now" heat, she gets bossy and turns into an absolute female canine (well, a lot of girls can relate to this, now can't they?) That's fine until she's doing little things like walking a few steps ahead and few paces faster then you on the ground, and not wanting to stand still at the cross ties. Those little things can lead into dragging and freaking out, and let's not even THINK about under saddle. I have learned to nip things in the bud. I found that the silver bullet to keep my sweet, demure girl from turning into a hormone-driven beast is to simply make her stop if she starts to do those little things I mentioned earlier. I make her back up. Then I make her stand still again. Then I go from quite serious to "OMG Good girlie goo!" and continue on. Usually it just takes once and Greta comes back from Divaland. But I can't help but laugh it off, because it's just funny in a way.
  2. Greta gets very bored. Very quickly. She's great just standing and waiting at the cross ties and when I'm holding her and talking to some one she can occupy herself for quite some time (but when she wants the attention on her again she yawn and make the craziest faces because she KNOWS it gets everyone's attention). But under saddle, it's constant circles and serpentines and transitions and flexing and tracking up because we can't go but for a few strides on a straight line before her ears flick forward or just listen around to anything BUT me, and then she will counterflex and jut see what's going on outside, and then she'll swoly lose the impulsion in her stride and basically go, "Mmm, I'm bored. Whatever....". The instant she shows any sign of losing focus we do a little circle or something and she's like "Oh! You're still there. Because I'm still here. Because I wasn't, like, not paying attention to you or anything!" It definitely makes rides very interesting.
  3. She likes to make sure I'm completely devoted to her. She loves the mare stalled next to her, until I come around. Then poor Tila Tequila (who I will also be riding a few days a week soon) get a big, nasty "I HATE YOU! This human is MINE!" look from Greta. Greta will walk over to her and rub that look in Tequila's face, and then come back to me and put on her "I'm your FAVORITE LITTLE ANGEL, right, mother-dearest?" Yeah, because I'm blind, Greta LOL. And that's only one of the many loyalty-tests she'll try on me. My little devil woman :)
Like I have said before: life is much more juicy with Greta.

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