Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can you handle the PICTURES???

These are all from Tuesday, July 27, 2010. Enjoy!

Okay, so I will give y'all a guided commentary through all of this :)

We warmed up going over the cavalettis (I spaced them wrong, really, so it didn't work out AT ALL at the trot, but I couldn't tell at the walk. I was supposed to have them 2 1/2 ft apart and i probably had them a little over a 1 1/2 apart. Yikes!)

Showing off her BIG walk. Love it.

"I can track up, muther. DID YOU SEE ME?"

Picking up rein contact. I realized after watching the video that my hands were not as still as they could be. She's still getting the idea of coming into my contact nicely, and I need to ask a bit more than what I did. But the good thing about vids is that you can see what you need to work on!

It was like this for much of the ride. Oh well, much better than what it could have been!

Doing a lot of bending in circles and little serpentines really helped to soften her, as seen here.

Leg yield. C'mon Greta, you can do better than that!

HOLY COW! I got a prompt, square halt out of her. Much praise followed.

Not a square halt, but her jaw totally softened. Good girl!

I must've asked for something right for a few strides, because I suddenly got this :)

Trotting :)

While she's not round, her poll is soft and she stepping under herself a LOT more. Once again, circles do wonders.

At the walk on a small circle, stepping underneath herself beautifully :)

I had to hand trot her over the cavalettis because we had issues under saddle (she stumbled all over them). Once again, it wasn't until I stepped back and looked at them that I realized that they were WAY too close!

In the end, it was fair to just introduce her to one pole. It helped a lot. Before the pole....

Over the pole.....

After the pole. PRETTY!!! Lots of praise :)

And some Odin Pony Monster Pictures.....

No, we are NOT dragging Breanna over to the grass outside of the arena. Okay, thank you!

He makes me actually look like a decent rider LOL!


  1. Great Pictures! You look so natural in the saddle, your form looks awesome! You weren't kidding about Odin, either. If you're 5'10", then he must be huge! Good job adjusting the training for success by reducing the number of poles, that was good thinking. Sounds like you two are coming away from nearly every lesson with something postive, quirks and all!


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