Friday, July 30, 2010

Polo, polo, polo

Geeked out when I saw this big banner in the window (I think I might ask the store if I can have it when they're done with it haha!) This is why I like RL. What other brand uses the best group of sports in the world to advertise their stuff? All they need now is a dressage rider up front and I'll be happy. And if they can't find one.... I'm here!

I would actually love to have a job there.... too bad I also want to ride three horses AND have all college-level classes my Senior year. Go me.


  1. Funny how you notice your passions showing up in places you never noticed them before, isn't it? As far as working versus riding, consider yourself truly blessed that you are among the lucky few that are able to dedicate so much of your time to your passion and are still able to perform so well in your "mundane but necessary" life. I pray you never lose the drive for perfection in both. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thank you, that really meant a lot :)


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