Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's ride...

As far as our ride today, Greta was star-gazing alot and it wasn't until later in the ride that she focused, so that's when we worked on our transitions and simple lead changes. Mostly, I would say it was a good ride in that I got some very nice canter departs and transtions (trot a few strides, walk a few strides, trot a few strides, canter a few strides, trot a few, canter a few, trot a few, and so on...) and we successfully walked down the driveway without having to have my friend on her Mister Mio take the lead to make Greta comfortable. We had a few times where Greta did her usually "Are you crazy? I'm not walking towards that scary thing!" moments, but I just had to keep pushing her through and she actually listened and didn't veer out of the way!

So, we have had successful rides lately. Nothing but improvement :) !!!


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