Monday, July 12, 2010

She's feeling like a star, you can't stop her shine...

Yesterday was Greta's day off, after have being ridden since last Saturday. But I did go out and see her of course, and we brought along her favorite Shadow puppy:

And when I was grazing her outside, I finally saw how shiny and slick and soft Greta's coat has gotten. Also, she has far more freckles showing up than last summer. Every grooming, she gets a good curry, a brushing with a medium brush (unless the bristle brush is required) and then a good once over with a goathair brush. With her face, I use the fine curry comb, a face brush, and the goat hair brush. No Show Sheen. Nothing. Her supplement, night turnout, and health likely has a lot to with it LOL, but I just like to think my grooming skillz are a-mazing. It was nice to stand back and look at Miss Greta and think, "See that gorgeous pony over there? That's my horse."

I wonder if that whole pride-and-joy thing is how moms feel..... likely.

But anyway, shiny pictures....

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