Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'War Horse' Trailer HD

Is it sad that I cried when I saw this trailer, and only shed a single, incredibly pathetic tear during Harry Potter? Perhaps, but Good Lord I am happy to see a movie that really shows how important horses are to people. If you've read the book (an incredibly easy read, it's geared towards elementary school children, but, like Black Beauty, a profound and thoughtful classic nonetheless) then you understand how wonderfully it describes that partnership. I know where I'll be this Christmas!


  1. I saw the play in NYC. I wrote a post series about it on my blog at the beginning of this month. War Horse is all about the puppets!

    I will still see the movie though. ;)

  2. Supposedly it will be coming to Dallas, so I hope to see it then! It would be REALLY nice if it came to SA or Austin. I would love to see it. I never thought that little book I read would turn into something of the next Black Beauty lol! People love it!

    The movie looks like it will be a tear-jerker though!


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