Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 - Stuart Horse Trials - Socks' Helmet Cam with Commentary

Doug Payne riding Rivertown Lad at the 2011 Stuart HT at prelim where "Socks" finished 8th. It was fun to listen to the commentary. I thought I heard him drop a potty-mouth word towards the end coming down the curve on the hill, but I probably would have too haha! Socks runs like Greta: they get so into the gallop and focused on what's ahead, they get really strong and your seat has to become an anchor so they'll slow up and refocus a bit! A half-halt at full gallop lol!


  1. That was great. I think he was trying to run off a few times, pretty strong.

  2. Yes, he seemed a bit hench at times!

  3. from the looks of it that horse has an AMAZING collected hte commentary!


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