Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ANOTHER Pehrsson video...

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This is one of him under saddle. Seriously, this poor guy seems to have gone from place to place, just like his daughter! I guess being a drifter and finally settling in must be in the genes.

Also, Greta has a half-brother named Potenza. I cannot find any info on his new locale, if you have any let me know, just for grins and giggles I suppose!

She also has another half-brother in Santa Fe that used to be in training with Keene Dressage: free-jumping video, June 2010 video, and a May 2010 video. According to her website, he was sold to an amateur dressage rider.

And according to the Rocking M website, she also has a half-brother named Peter that was in training with Steffen Peters, but that's all I can find so far. Once again, any info would be cool.

Penelope, Pehrsson, Potenza, Prodigy, Peter, Vogue: all oh-so interesting!


  1. He is a gorgeous stallion. Greta has some nice breeding!

  2. They are both quite the beauts!

  3. Greta is gorgeous and I have her half brother by Pehrsson, Puck. He looks very much like her and is a super fun horse. He is 11 but acts like a puppy still. We are in PA. Loved reading your blog and seeing a horse relative.
    Pehrsson is in Colorado now and still going strong at 24ish. He is at Caduceus Farm and they have a Facebook page. Another half sibling is Vogue on their site.


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