Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pehrsson - Greta's sire

^Pehrsson, by Urbino and out of Viveka

This is the only video I have been able to find of him. I have also found a few pictures out there, and only one video of any of his offspring (besides those of Greta haha). This mare, Greta's half-sister, Vogue, is out of an Oldenburg mare I believe, so she has a much flatter topline than her sire. She's being kept at Caduceus Farm, where Pehrsson is also being kept as a schoolmaster. And as of yet, I cannot find ANY pictures or info (save a pedigree) of Greta's dam, Mite Oh Been by Azure Request and out of Sister Mito. But I can find plenty of stuff about her damsire! He apparently was real big on the Appendix QH racing circuit, and I have been told his offspring are a popular choice for people looking for eventing appendix QHs.

I can actually see a bit of Greta's sire in her, really in her topline build, her soft expression, and how she moves and behaves when she gets excited or spooky about something!

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