Sunday, July 31, 2011

Greta's New Digs

Greta moved today so she'll be closer to the university! She'll be kept in a large 12'x24' stall until she's ready to be turned out in a small mare pasture. I'm really going to miss the old place, but I really like this place for both Greta and I and I'm excited for our new adventure!

I'm still chuckling about that sign at the end. ATX locals might also recognize the Salt Lick BBQ entrance, it's right down the road from the new barn haha! There's also a very grand Hindu temple and two very nice show barns nearby: Oakhaven does dressage and jumping and brings in some big name clinicians and Weddle Training Stables does Arabs at the big national breed shows.

Also, a product review: SmartCalm Ultra paste really worked. She was so chill getting off the trailer. You can see in the video she was not dopey, still alert, just not panicky. Thank goodness I did the buy 1 get one free deal. Very happy.


  1. The facility is beautiful. Nice job on Greta's mohawk.

  2. It's a really nice facility and the boarders are all very inclusive and friendly. Never an awkward moment. Greta was feeling comfortable enough to take long naps the first day in her little paddock.

    haha I "sculpted" it the day before her move-in so she would be presentable!


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