Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lesson 5-12-2011

Greta has three weeks off due to a headshaking problem that turned out to be allergies, thankfully! She was pretty okay for this lesson until the end, because as she was breathing more and more her allergies began to bug her (tried on her new nose net yesterday and she did wonderful!). I was a bit rusty and so was she. She was reverting back to her old rush and pull methods, and I was, thankfully, not reverting back to my old rein-only method, as tempting as it was. Also, she had been in a stall for two days because of rain warnings (notice I didn't actually say rain, save for a 1/2 inch, so Texas is still in a drought and hay still costs you an arm and a leg, yay!) So that will explain some of the tenseness as well. I thought her little baby buck in the beginning of the vid to be terribly funny, even when I was riding it, because she is such a pleaser that she would never ACTUALLY buck. Either way, much better than we used to be, and I'm looking forward to improving more.

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