Friday, May 6, 2011

Updates :)

I didn't want to post anything until we were pretty sure what was up with Greta and her Willow Smith impersonation extravaganza. It actually reached a point where she would shake her head so much and so violently that, while I was quite sure she would not fall over or do anything to dismount me (, anytime I fall off it's my own doing, dislodging seems to be against her religion, even I though there have been times where I've done some stupid things in the past that I wish she would have intentionally dumped me!) she would shake so much that it was impossible for her to balance, not to mention she'd be so tense, so really riding was just silly if we couldn't get anything done haha! She was quite uncomfortable, and it just gradually got worse, and ear-washing did not help any, so we had a second vet appointment and now we can say, quite simply.........

Miss Golightly has been afflicted with seasonal allergies.

One shouldn't be happy about this, right? Well, I will say that, while I'm not happy about the allergies, it's quite manageable. Nose nets, Tri-Hist, and (if a long-term solution is needed and the vet approves) then I've heard good results about Anti-Oxidants and MSM. He also recommended the Flair strips, but for $10 a strip that have a one-time usage, I think I'll leave them to the pro eventers and racehorses haha.

So, yeah..... an update. I'm going to try and find horse-sized Kleenex boxes so Greta can learn how to blow her nose ;)

Poor thing!


  1. I'm glad that it is something manageable. Poor Greta!

  2. Poor Greta! But certainly manageable! My mare has COPD and allergies. I have found TriHist to be incredibly hard to feed to her because she won't eat it topdressed on her feed (and with the cornmeal you cannot mix it with water and shoot it in her mouth with a syringe...sigh). I have had good luck with Emerald Valley Equine's Wind and Immuzim. The Wind is not legal for shows, so we don't use it during showing months. Good luck! :-)

  3. Well, the good news is that she won't even need to try TriHist unless the nose nets don't work. She seems to be much better lately, no nose quivering even with wind blowing onto her face. Although I still want to ask the vet about doing a long term preventative like a msm/antioxidant combo, if it would be worth our time haha!

  4. Poor Greta. Luckily the allergy season won't last long. Kleenex or your shirt should work well for blowing boogies!

  5. haha yes. She has her special "hankie" aka a grooming towel lol. But it's really a dry itch, little to no boogies.


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