Friday, May 13, 2011

Quote of the Day - Jane Savoie

"Lots of people ask me how to get the poll up. It's important to focus on the hindquarters rather than the poll. Your priority isn't to get the poll "up". You want to get the croup "down". Once the croup goes down due to engagement (bending) of the hind legs, the front end elevates. Think of your horse's body like a seesaw. When one end goes down, the other comes up." -Jane Savoie

If you have not subscribed to her email updates or watched any of her short clips on YouTube, then you are missing out! She doesn't have any gimmicks, same-old same-old classical dressage, but she puts it in such a way that it's understandable. Like Sally Swift's works, it's pretty friendly wording with some good imagery I can remember. Anyway, a good point she made, and something I hear more often than I would like amongst trainers and fellow riders: "Get the poll up!" or at my level "Get the poll down!" Quick fix, doesn't help you in the long run, unless you're doing it the right way and working to get the croup down (hopefully you're not trying to get it up haha).


  1. Great quote from Jane Savoie!

    I have several of her books and I audited a clinic with her once in person. I was literally right next to her as she was speaking. She is humorous and very down-to-earth. She treated the girl on the 19-year-old TB just as respectfully as she treated the adult amateur on the young warmblood.

  2. Yes, she seems like such a wonderful trainer. I would kill to participate in a clinic by her (well, maybe not kill haha).


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