Thursday, December 9, 2010

You know something's up with you when...

I think I did one like this before, so this is a part two based on odd occurrences that I have noticed lately.

You know you're a crazy-horse-chick when:

  1. When you're talking to fellow artsy, dancing, or acting friends about them going forward with those careers after college, and you think about the average income of those careers and unconsciously deduct the cost of a horse from them, and then immediately jump to the conclusion, "I don't think they'll be able to make a living off that job."
  2. When you get bored you examine people's heads, labeling the oval shaped ones as Charles Owens Heads and the round ones as IRH heads. I have a Charles Owens head, by the way. I've checked. And my Statistics class is almost evenly divided amongst the two. That's not creepy at all, right?
  3. When you look at clothes at the store - you know, actual non-riding clothes - you ask yourself, "Will this hold up at the stables?"
  4. You decide you're going to get a pixie cut after graduation. No, not because Emma Watson and Kiera Knightley did it and you think it looks chic. No, not because you want to donate your hair, as cute as that sounds. No, not because it will look more mature. But those are all nice reasons. Honestly, you're going to do it because it will fit quite nicely under a helmet. Good bye, hair nets!
  5. You don't want Chinese characters (which you will hopefully confirm that it means "strength" and not something Orientally Scandalous) or cutesy hearts or flowers or butterflies as your first tattoo. No, you want the Swedish Warmblood brand. With a heart around it :)
  6. When you're examining Rococo art in European Studies, and George Stubb's picture Lord Grosvenor's Arabian Stallion with a Groom appears on the screen, the first thing the class says is, "Oh, look Breanna, a horse picture!" And the first thing you comment on is that you hope those aren't saddle rubs on his withers and belly, because that's what they really look like. This is followed by puzzled faces.


  1. Good post. I've actually done # 4 too. How about "if you wonder if you could possibly get away with going straight from the barn to a Christmas party"? I don't do it, but I thought about it :)

  2. Haha yes I've thought about going straight from the barn to a dinner party for time's sake, just so I go out to the barn that day. I've done it once or twice, and nobody seemed to notice the dust on my flats or the horsehair on my dress! Perhaps they're just used to it by now from me....

  3. I am actually planning on #4. I do NOT put my hair under my helmets (I get them to fit with hair down, and therefore that would make them not fit effectively) and my show helmet isn't really cooperative with the idea of hair in buns. So prior to our first show next year, the hair's getting chopped so just a hairnet will keep it under control. (I'm not a pixie girl - lack the refined bone structure and would just look like a boy, unfortunately!)

    As for that picture - I thought "ooh, I bet that horse has nice freedom of movement in the shoulders with a build like that!"

  4. I like #3 a lot…I get bummed that there are so many cute boots out there that look a lot like riding boots but wouldn’t hold up on a horse or in a barn. I think almost every shirt I own is stained on the side where I prop the grain buckets on my hip.
    I’m very thankful that my best friend is my hair stylist. She never got creeped out when I got to the salon and my hair had hay and sawdust in it or that I smelled like a horse for that matter.
    Also...I have in fact done chores in stilettos and a skirt…Until my boss started laughing at me and sent me home…lol.

  5. I love intellectual humor! That is some seriously funny stuff! As you kids text: LMAO! #4 has many applications from complex as helmet fit to as simple as you don't have to worry about bed-head. #3 as well, other applications such as "will this hold up - changing oil or tires, in the woods, on the boat, on my bike, or even ferrier work? #5, uh well, not sure what to say about five. I can only think of questions...
    Funny stuff all the way around, though. Made my Day. L=

  6. Oh yeah. I look at the fashionable tall boots for sale in department stores with disdain, and remark to my husband "why would I spend that kinda money on those boots when I cannot even ride in them?" I do, however, have a pair of "fashion" breeches, which a relative gave to me after the trend ended. I started wearing them as "real" breeches and they have become the most comfortable, beautiful, green riding pants ever. I always get compliments on them and they look the same, wash after wash. I have tried to find the brand online without luck. The designer should consider going horsey!

  7. you just put my entire life into a blog post, even down to the pixie-cut.
    but you forgot taking your seniors pictures with your horse :)

  8. Haha I'm still getting around to the SR pictures. Once I get these danged braces off in January, then I'll take all the pictures I danged well please! With the pretty pony, of course.

    I just didn't find it unusually strange as a lot of my friends have taken their sr pics with their pets. It's really cute to see 75% of the sr album in the yearbook filled with pictures of kids and some sort of animal of theirs. I think somebody took their parrot in last year and another had one with their pet miniature potbelly. It was amazing!!


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