Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Horse | HERDA Warning Signs

The Horse | HERDA: Preventing The Heartbreak

If y'all haven't subscribed to any of The Horse's newsletters (they have ones for nutrition, breeding, hoof and joint, healthcare, etc.) then I'd highly recommend to do so. And Equus magazine as well. Interesting little tidbits that you MAY need to know one day. Although I hope I never have to apply this HERDA tidbit :((


  1. well girl i thought boys were okay until a couple weeks ago... i sorta dated a guy and just when we were getting really close he texted me out of the blue and was like i love someone else.....such a man whore
    sorry for the rant..

    but yes my first exam is tommarow :P and ends on tuesday

  2. Glad we can stay on topic ;)

    LOL That happened to me four years ago, and would you believe it took me four years to get over it??? haha

    I would have said, "There is no love in high school." With a smiley face. Because smiley faces make it all better.

  3. the ADD in this corner is really bad XD

    i hope it doesn't take me four years, i've got stuff to do!! yeah i'll get over it, i'm in the "mad/i don't need you" stage right now
    that statement is so true, and i just love it when everyone says they are in love XP

  4. Well, I shouldn't say four years to "get over it", as I got over it real quickly, but four years to get a crushy-boo again (and don't think I didn't feel immature haha!)

    "We are so in love, we're having our two week anniversary!"
    "Yup... sounds passionate."
    I'm sure there are the rare instances, but realistically.... no :(

  5. oh!! one of the couples at my school gave each other promise rings on their one week anniversary


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