Thursday, December 30, 2010

If they REALLY want to make money...

...they should do horse and rider products. Gucci is sponsoring the brand new Gucci Masters (the Paris International Show Jumping Event, part of the Paris Horse Show, ooh la la) and has flirted with the idea (see picture 1) and Ralph Lauren has done it for the polo team they sponsor (see picture 2) and I must say that Nacho is nothing short of à chaud in all that gear, and that polo pony looks simply lovely in the RL Crest pad. And from what I understand RL has even put their signature pony on the polo wraps too. Charmant!

So why not go main-stream? (At least for people who want to have it and can afford to want to have it haha! Certainly not me!)

But honestly, what kind of people dish out money for fad-ish (and occasionally fashionable and classic) products? Well.... horse people! Dressage queens and hunter princesses and show jumping rockstars and eventing royalty! Though probably the first two more so than the latter two, but I have seen exceptions!

Besides, a Gucci earnet (picture 1), a saddle or boots or a bridle made of stamped Armani leather, a Tiffany bit (dream come true, then Greta could really be Greta GOLIGHTLY), or a Juicy Couture bridle charm (picture 3) sounds kind of cool, if not wonderfully frivolous (says the girl who scrounges the outlet stores and eBay for those wonderfully frivolous brands). Just hopefully they would make it durable enough so one would not have to special handle it every time it even gets close to a barn.

So haute couture folks, think about it, just think about it......




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