Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm feeling impish....

"Je vis, donc je suis." -Descartes

P.S. I realised that my earrings kind of look like I'm wearing gages, but I'm not... they're gold, diamond, and sapphire. I repeat: I am NOT wearing gages! I may lop my hair off (and donate 5 separate foot-long chunks to Locks of Love, go me) but I will not stretch my ears! Eek!

BUT I will say that this hair is so low maintenance that's it's crazy! My helmet used to not entirely sit on my head and now the dial adjustment is almost on its tightest setting, but there is still room to spare to go a bit tighter or a bit looser. It's nice! My "bed head" this morning involved a few strands slightly out of place, easily fixed with water and the Redken stuff my hairdresser told me to use. Looks great with beanies and headbands. I think it looks great on me, and I oft I don't say that! I LOVE IT! I don't miss that mess that would get tangled so easily!


  1. I love the Pixie Cut! Here's to low maintenance hair! BTW, Greta's perfectly coifed bangs are pretty cute, too! You'll really love it when that first ninety-plus degree day shows up in March! Or maybe early April...

  2. Love your haircut! You and your mare are adorable :)

  3. Always have been a fan of short hair - chopped all of mine off (ponytail and bangs, truth!) when I was 16 and never looked back. Nearly 10 years later there isn't a day that goes by that I miss having long hair! Best part... NO HAIRNETS under helmets at shows! Just whip on your helmet and go!

  4. I love super short cuts like that...I so wish I could do that to my hair, but if I did I'd end up with a 'fro, not a nice, smooth, sleek look. You're lucky to have the hair texture you do!

  5. Thanks guys :)
    and @ Anon: I started trimming Greta's bangs not too long ago, and I think it really tidies her pretty face up a lot, and makes her forelock look much fuller. Plus it's easier to braid. I love it!


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