Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

First of all, a little video to spread some holiday Greta cheer.

Now, a continuation from yesterday...

2010 has been a crazy, wonderful year for Greta and I. I feel like we have matured and grown so much together in both our riding and in other areas. At the beginning of the year, riding still deeply frustrated me, and I didn't know who to blame, nor what to do. We did a lot of things under pressure and immaturely, and I'm thankful that we were able to get out that situation, for Greta's sake. I began to see more and more what a wonderful, talented mare she is. She is beautiful!

We went through 3 trainers this year! And now, on the third, we have found somebody who truly understands Greta and I: no forcing, no complications. I feel like in these past 6 lessons that I now am just learning to ride Greta, without fear of a spook, nor a care if it does happen. She looks so relaxed and happy whenever I ride her now, it is truly amazing.

But mostly, like any partnership, I've begun to discover even more about Greta, her quirks, her personality. I am starting to tell her different expressions. I am seeing that she is an incredibly smart girl, smarter than me sometimes. It is unfathomable how fortunate I am to have a horse that has never done anything to purposely dismount me. Sure, I've taken a tumble or two, but bless her she has never run off, she always spins around and looks for me. She has never kicked out or bucked or reared. Bless her.

I rode several other horses this year: two ran off on me, one of which succeeded in dismounting me (well, I had to dismount MYSELF for safety's sake less I wanted to land beneath him because he was bucking like a bronc, and I will say that those are the WORST kinds of falls, when you have make yourself fall) and then proceeded to trot back to the barn and not even care that I was there haha! All of these other horses I rode this year were geldings, and they were very food-driven, and really could care less about me. You could say I'm something of an unfortunate ex-gelding fan? Well, I still have my geldings that I adore out at the barn, so I'm not really an ex-fan. I guess when one becomes so used to Greta's well-hidden motherly nature (but when it shows, it shows) then, well.................... but anyway.......

All these horses, including a very well-mannered QH stallion who was a dream to ride, each taught me something and I did enjoy the time I spent riding them, even with their qualms. So along with progressing extremely fast with Greta, I realized my goals in life. I want manage barns, to train horses, I want to teach students, I want to make sure not a horse or person goes through the pressuring, forceful methods I allowed myself to believe in. I want to make sure every horse I meet comes away from me a better horse. I realize that I might not always be successful, but I know now that I really want to do that as my future career. I like that kind of manual, hard work. And I know that I can still take a step further and go to vet school if I want, with my grades (thank GOD.)

And I know that through all of this in the future (even possibly going for the Texas State University IHSA hunt-seat team! Some good skills to be learned lie in wait there!) that I will have a partner beside me the entire time. Somebody I can count on and learn from. Somebody I can go to when I am far from home and it seems I can turn to nobody. Somebody that makes me not care about silly boarder or trainer quarrels and disagreements. Greta, and everything we have accomplished in two years, and really in the past two months, makes me proud.

If I come in crying, she gets those worry wrinkles and nudges me. If I give her a big pat after a job well done, I can just feel pride radiating from her (watching the videos of us jumping, you could just see it in her face and carriage, and I also realized she is a very cute jumper!) She really tries for me, I have yet to meet a person who hasn't said that about her, but she is honest and will let me know if she just can't do something or if I need to back her up.

I could go on all day, or all into next year, but I will end on this note: Greta Golightly, m'dear, I love you very much.


  1. You and Greta are a perfect match! I am happy to hear that you found a trainer who understands how to help you and your horse. Priceless!

  2. What a great year. You guys seem so happy together. Here's to more progress in 2011!

  3. Bre, you are so fortunate. You probably have no idea at your age that many people spend their entire lives searching for the type of relationship that you have with Greta. So here's to you Bre. Be Proud. Be thankful. Keep those stars in your eyes bright. Don't let anybody try to make you do anything that your gut tells you is wrong. Trust your amazing instincts. Know that parents have never been as proud of their child as yours. May the best come to you and Greta. Happy New Year.


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