Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Pony Riding Pictures

Butt shots, as unflattering as some may find them, can tell a LOT about straightness and rider position. So that's why I like them, to a certain extent. She was stepping under herself nicely here and I'm not collapsing to the inside like I was prone to do but am now working on!


Some nice Training Level trotting, and in a straight line. Whee!

Once again, a flattering butt shot.

A nice head-on shot. Though I am leaning a bit to the inside, I'm not collapsing like I tend to do on my other side. My inside leg is back to keep her stepping under herself, while my outside thigh and rein are supporting and keeping her "straight" on the circle.

Haha! She would sometimes get quite behind the vertical as she was figuring things out, bless her. One bit of the video she has her chin practically to her chest for three trot strides! I freaked out thinking I was doing something wrong, but L just told me to push her forward and she would figure it out, and she did. Whew!

A little crooked in the saddle, but nothing I'm not working on!

My best jumping shot to date! If my stirrups were a bit shorter and I released a bit more - and the picture quality and riding attire a lot better haha - I wouldn't mind sending this to George Morris. Well.... maybe not him..........

She looks like a big warmblood in this picture :)))

A very pretty walk! The walk and canter are actually our most difficult gaits. The trot is her best.

My leg just slipped back a mile, that's all.

Her excited trot....

And her REALLY excited trot the second time around. What a babe.


  1. Y'all look good. Nice straightness, nice position. You definitely need to crank up those stirrups for jumping, though...I think the bottom of the stirrup should hang slightly above your ankle when your feet are out of the stirrups and your legs are hanging long.

    I am terribly glad I have no pictures from back when I jumped to send to George Morris. LOL.

    Oh, and your horse is not NEARLY behind the vertical enough. SHORTEN YOUR REINS!!! ;)

  2. Yeah, I didn't realize how long they were, because they felt super short even though I had only put them up two holes!! I'm so used to long stirrups now!!


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